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Picture Books in the making


All through history, people’s imaginations have inspired wearable inventions for our bodies to make us stronger, faster, smarter (and sometimes a bit sillier), but now that we can wear computers, will health and happiness be ours as HuMachines?

HuMachines is a nonfiction picture book for kids ages 6-8. It explores quirky fun in wearable technology history and invites kids to imagine a future of amazing possibilities and big challenges for us all.


Rudy's Reading Dog

Can Tucker prove he’s the perfect reading dog for Rudy? After all, he has perfect listening ears. And excellent manners! But when sights and sounds are too distracting, the job proves harder than he thought. The “real” Tucker is the inspiration for this story; he’s a certified Paws 4 Stories therapy dog. Back matter about therapy dogs.


Brave Allie Mallie

When it comes to needles, Brave Allie Mallie is anything but brave. She's terrified! So when it’s time to go to the doctor, Allie must call upon her secret superhero powers to find the courage to "ZAP! ZAP!" those germs away. With science-based tips to help kids manage their anxiety, this humorous story fills a need in the marketplace.


Tilly Takes a Chance

Tilly shed her outer layer, ready to begin life as an adult beetle. It was time to forage for food, find a mate, and lay eggs. That’s what beetles do. But when she crawled along the thin stem and peaked over the leaf’s edge, she froze. Tilly was afraid of heights. Scary thoughts meant she couldn’t hang with the other beetles, until one day, Tilly takes a chance. Back matter on beetles.