The Impossible’s Pawsible When Tucker Visits

Tucker makes the impossible ‘pawsible!’ Kids will learn about therapy dogs’ incredible abilities when they follow Tucker on his visits and hear Dr. Woofster talk about the astonishing science behind their superpowers. But even this crazy Golden Retriever needs a break and he’s a star squirrel chaser!


Sachiko’s Mirror

“I see Father—he’s almost home!” Sachiko’s excited when her father returns after a long journey and she can’t wait to see if he brought presents. He did! And while Sachiko didn't realize it at the time, Father’s precious gifts brought her happiness and love forever. Sachiko’s Mirror is a retelling of a heartfelt Japanese folktale.


Farmers of the Future – They’re Not Who You Think They Are!

Warning: this picture book may cause drooling. There’s a huge world of food around you – how is it made? Can computer grow your next meal? Can a 3D printer design your dessert? Maybe robots will harvest your veggies!  New technologies are helping us grow safe, nutritious, affordable food for billions of people, without polluting the environment. Now, that’s a tall order!


Brave Alli

Ally’s wild about adventures but when it comes to needles … What if she imagines how getting a vaccine will be an adventure? With humour, this story tackles a common childhood fear and offers evidence-based tips for kids and parents on how to reduce the pain and fear of needles.