Furry Comfort, Furry Joy

Furry Comfort, Furry Joy is a nonfiction picture book featuring Tucker, a lovable pet therapy dog with a busy schedule. Together with Dr. Woofster’s bowls of furry facts, this story illustrates the vital work of therapy dogs and how they add value to our lives. After seeing how Tucker helps people, kids (ages 4-8) will be able to “brag” about what they know about therapy dogs!


Foodie Fest Friday

Friendship, food, and math – does this sound like an unlikely combination of ideas? Not in Ms. Widdle’s class when everyone’s in on the plan for Foodie Fest Friday. This picture book for ages 3-6 brings the themes of diversity and math into an exciting celebration of generosity, cultures, and foods from around the world.


Farmers of the Future – They’re Not Who You Think They Are!

Warning: this picture book (non-fiction) may cause drooling. There’s a huge world of food around you – how is it made? Now, try to imagine where it might come from in 5, 10, or 20 years. Will a computer grow your next meal? Can a 3D printer design your dessert? Maybe robots will harvest your veggies!  New technologies may help us grow safe, nutritious, affordable food for billions of people, without polluting the environment. Now, that’s a tall order!


Brave Ally

Ally’s not afraid of rock climbing, wild adventures, or loud noises but when it comes to needles … This picture book shows how Ally musters the courage to get her vaccination. Despite trying funny tactics to convince her mom that she won’t get sick, Ally decides to be brave by helping a younger child at the doctor’s office.