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The Wearable-Tech Revolution


The Wearable-Tech Revolution

Wearables are the next tech frontier! This beautifully illustrated non-fiction book will help young readers (ages 9-12) consider the pros and cons of technology. And, it may spark their curiosity in design and engineering as they read stories about real-life inventors who are unafraid to dream big. The book’s also great for STEM/ STEAM learning. Superpower? answers questions like:

  • What is wearable technology? How is it changing our lives?

  • What if the same technologies that help and heal us also raise tricky questions and ethical challenges?

  • How do we design devices safely and ethically? 

  • Can innovation go too far? 



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Learning from you

Learning from you

To write this book, I met with young inventors, some even your age. Be prepared to be blown away by their passion for designing technology to make the world a better place and what they think we should all understand about the pros and cons of wearables.

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Elaine learns from FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Grade 8 students at Glen Ames Sr. Public school about their virtual reality project, and the upsides and downsides of technology.

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  • Best STEM Book 2023, National Science Teaching Association & The Children's Book Council

  • Red Cedar Book Awards, Short listed 2023-2024

  • SCBWI Golden Kite Award, Finalist, 2023, Nonfiction for Older Readers

  • Hot off the Press, November 2022, The Children's Book Council





​​“This book showcases past and present examples on how technological innovation has helped people thrive in our daily life accompanied by beautiful illustrations and questions on ethical issues on technology use... The Best STEM Books emphasize real-world issues that cross disciplinary boundaries.”

– CBC/NSTA Best STEM Books Committee

“A readable guide for valuable information...Kachala presents the information skillfully for her target audience. Fun illustrations and photographs are scattered throughout the book to support the text.”

– School Library Journal

“Even inventors need a little inspiration sometimes and this book will provide it. It is full of stories about scientists, some of whom are teenagers, who saw a problem and used technology to solve it...The colorful photos, charts, and lots of white space make the text so easy on the eyes that even non-techies will be hooked, especially since the endless possibilities of wearable technology are definitely scope for the imagination”

– Children's Literature


"An awesome STEM title for young readers...The book does a good  job of challenging readers to think critically about wearable  technology and its implications..." 

– 49th Kids, Top Grade CanLit for the Classroom


“Will help kids discover not only how electronic wearables can help people survive and thrive, but also the challenges and ethics surrounding this next tech frontier.”

– TEACH Magazine


"... a thorough and thoughtful study of the exciting convergence of technology and humanity! What makes this book so exceptional is the easy-to-read language and striking illustrations, which makes it a perfect read for kids, teens, and adults....The STEM focus of the book is complemented by the very real connections tech advancement has to social justice, representation, equity, and diversity..." 

 – Heather Evans, Parent & Educator



MAY 2024

Huge thanks to Science Rendezvous Queen's University, Kingston for inviting STEM authors to join your outstanding event! It was my pleasure participating along with incredible award-winning authors Lindsey Carmichael (Kids Can Press) Rochelle Strauss (Kids Can Press) and Ishta Mercurio (Abrams Kids). Families and kids were truly excited by your showcase of STEM innovations and possibilities. It was a lot of fun to see everyone so engaged! Congratulations to the Science Rendezvous team for working incredibly hard to make this event a success!

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