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Super Powers or Super Problems? The Wearable Tech Revolution

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Technology is developing faster than at any other time in history. But behind the gleam on that cool, cutting edge of change, lurk some shadowy problems. Some of that terrific tech might also become terrifying. How can designers, engineers, and scientists make choices so their inventions will be safe and human-friendly from the start? The answer lies in responsible design.

With this book, young readers can explore their feelings about the pros and cons of wearable technology. They’ll think about how we all make choices in buying, using, or even designing our own devices, and how we want tech to affect us and the world. Even though we can't predict the future trajectory of tech, making choices can help us all have a say in how it advances!

Elaine learns from FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Grade 8 students at Glen Ames Sr. Public school about their virtual reality project, and the upsides and downsides of technology.

Copyright©2020 Elaine Kachala

Illustration by Wendy Leach

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