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The Wearable-Tech Revolution

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Super strength, super hearing, super vision, and super connection.


Wearable technology is giving humans super powers. 


Imagine being able to run without getting tired. Or travel to the moon to look at Earth for science class. The technologies that make these things possible are mixing into our lives faster than we realize!

Discover how technological innovation can help people survive, live better lives and thrive. But what if technology helps some people but not others? What if super strength results in endless work? What if living in a virtual world affects our humanity? Can innovation go too far? Meet the inventors, designers, engineers, scientists and young people asking these questions and navigating the next tech frontier.


You can find your local Canadian indie bookstore HERE.

You can find your local US indie bookstore HERE.

It's also available from Orca Book Publisher, Amazon, and Chapters/Indigo in Canada and Amazon and Barnes and Noble in the US.

Also available internationally at sites such as

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Superpower? The Wearable-Tech Revolution is named a CERTIFIED GREAT READ by Reading With Your Kids

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